Russian oil sector is the leading industry in the country. Oil and petroleum storage, shipping, transshipment, processing and distribution have a huge potential owing to high demand. Thus, there is a constant need for modernisation and expansion of existing capacities. Besides, all stages of technological process require development of transport and pipeline infrastructures and cost-effective use of resources. It allows to characterise the industry as the developing one, requiring new investment projects for efficiency enhancement.


Overview: industry development strategies and goals before 2030, plans of producers and regulators

Plans of oil companies to upgrade tank farms and oil terminals

Project updates: construction and modernisation of production capacities in Russia and the CIS. Plans, design, development

Specialised presentation from Rosstandart about cancelling of planned inspections in 2020, planned preventive actions of regulators, the question of legislative changes in this field

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    Tamara Safonova

    CEO, NAANS-MEDIA Independent Analytical Agency of the Oil and Gas sector


    Overview of transshipment capacities for bulk oil cargoes and development prospects of Russian marine terminals

    Yuriy Tsokalo

    Deputy General Director for Automation and Information Technology, Gazpromneft-Terminal


    Development of digital transhipment infrastructure. Case study of Gladkoe terminal

    Vladimir Kalentyev

    Head, Volga Interregional Territorial Administration of Rosstandart


    Following legal requirements to oil products supply in 2020


    Yulia Torba
    Project Producer
    +44 207 394 30 90 (London)

    Alisa Mokievskaya
    Marketing Manager
    +44 207 394 30 90 (London)



    «Modernisation of tank farms and
    oil terminals in Russia and the CIS»

    12 May, 13:00 GMT

    +44 207 394 30 90 (London)
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    Prior to the 16th Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition:
    “Tank Farms and Oil Terminals:
    operation, modernisation, development”
    (2021, Saint-Petersburg)