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“KOZ LOADING SOLUTIONS LLC” (KOZ LLC) is one of the leading oil and gas equip-ment enterprises in the sphere of discharge and loading equipment production, as well as oil, oil products, chemical liquids and liquefied hydrocarbons metering.

The main products manufactured by the plant are units for discharge and loading of technical fluids into rail or ship tankers, river and oil tankers.

Continuous product differentiation and modification of the manufactured products ac-cording to the demands of the customers and market are the key growth areas of the enterprise.

Various models of the units are installed and operate reliably at the sites of the following oil companies: NK LUKOIL , AK Rosneft, AK Transneft, Tatneft, etc., both in Russia and in the countries near and far abroad. Experience has shown that the equipment manufactured by the plant stand out for its ease of operation, reliability and durability.

The equipment is manufactured in strict compliance with Russian Law in the sphere of industrial security and technical regulations of the Customs Union.

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