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BORSIG is one of the leading mechanical engineering companies in Germany, offering the following equipment/technologies:

– Complex units to recover vapours from volatile organic components (VOCs) while shipping, storing, loading/unloading. The company has experience in working with all known types of VOCs. About a thousand completed projects. The units are custom-tailored with any capacity: from a large-scale terminal to a small filling station. The company uses own technological solutions and membranes. Two tasks are solved at once: environmental safety in full compliance with legal requirements and specifications, and recovery of valuable products.
– Gas and fluid separation units applying membrane technologies. Processing of APG, separation of valuable hydrocarbons, extraction of hydrogen.
– Reciprocating and centrifugal compressor units (API standard).
– Heat exchangers – systems of heat utilization for chemical, petrochemical and refining facilities.
– Globe, stop and regulating valves “metal to metal” for fluid and gas flows.

BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH
Address: Am Rhein 5, 79618 Rheinfelden
Contact person: Mr. Denis HoeschCity/country: Rheinfelden / Germany
Phone / fax: +49 (0) 7623-96609-0 / +49 (0) 7
E-mail: info@borsig-mt.com
Website: www.borsig.de/mt
Contact for Russian market Mr. Sergey Bulavinov
Phone+ 7 (495) 258 2567
E-mail: s.bulavinov@borsig.de